Use Only One Circuit Per Day

Protecting Every Breath™

ANESTHESIA Protection System


circuitGuard® protects the anesthesia provider, patient, and equipment against contamination of the anesthesia circuit as well as protecting the patient from any contaminated anesthesia equipment. Stop throwing away 4 out of 5 circuits daily!

Easy to Use

With it’s low profile and small size, simply place the circuiGuard® at the wye and with a mask, anesthesia is ready to start!

100% Compliance

With the gas sampling port only on the circuitGuard®, and not on the circuit itself, this leads to 100% compliance by anesthesia provider.


circuitGuard® reduces expense by eliminating other HMEs and filters in the circuit and also reducing the O.R. turnover times.
circuitGuard® makes the difference.

Protecting Every Breath™ since 1990

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With circuitGuard™ at the proximal airway, bacteria and viruses have to travel through one filter into the circuit and then traverse back through a SECOND filter (on the next patient) in order for cross contamination to occur.


circuitGuard™ Products are available in filter or filter/HME styles. High quality air cushion anesthesia masks may be packaged with any circuitGuard™ product.

circuitGuard® is Easy to Use

“circuitGuard® may either be used on the patient side or on the device side of the ventilator/anesthetic device and is used as a hygienic measure alternatively to decontamination of breathing system and/or breathing gas conveying parts of the ventilator.”

-Reference FDA 510(k) K090738

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Disclaimer: The AORN Seal of Recognition has been awarded to The circuitGuard® Program on December 30, 2014 and does not imply that AORN approves or endorses any product or service mentioned in any presentation, format or content. The AORN Recognition program is separate from the AORN, ANCC Accredited Provider Unit and therefore does not include any CE credit for programs.
Can I pass accreditation when using circuitGuard?
Facilities with proper documentation, which can be provided, have passed accreditation from all agencies in the USA.
What documentation do I need to use circuitGuard and multiple patient use of the circuit?
We provide a sample Policy and Procedure document that can be personalized for your facility. Generally, this is all that has been requested by inspectors. If additional information such as our FDA clearance, technical studies, etc. can be provided.
Is it legal to use circuitGuard and multiple patient use of the circuit?
Yes, use of the circuitGuard® and multiple patient use of the anesthesia circuit is covered under the Practice of Medicine exemption for the FDA (21 U.S.C. § 396). The POM exemption must meet 4 criteria and circuitGuard use meets all these criteria.
Is circuitGuard cleared by the FDA?
The FDA 510(k) number is K090738. circuitGuard’s FDA clearance is to protect patients and equipment from contamination.
Does circuitGuard® prevent cross-contamination?
circuitGuard® uses 3M Filtrete hydrophobic filter media that is bi-directional and enclosed in a unitized construction housing. The housing has no failure points. circuitGuard® protects the patient from the equipment and the equipment from the patient.
Does circuitGuard protect against TB?
We are one of only two companies that have specific testing against TB. Our efficiency is 99.998% in one direction. Cross contamination would require the organism to pass through two filters on different patients. Recently an undiagnosed TB patient was operated on and circuitGuard was used to protect the patient and the equipment. Because of the TB efficiency, the equipment did not need to be sterilized nor subsequent patients notified of potential exposure.
Is use of the circuitGuard less expensive than our current system?
Of course, otherwise, we would not be doing this. We are generally less than 50% of the current cost of an anesthesia circuit and associated costs involved. Acquisition cost are less and waste expenses are significantly less.
Does circuitGuard reduce turnover time between cases?
Absolutely, the only devices that need to be changed are the circuitGuard and the face mask can be held in the hand instead of changing a bulky anesthesia circuit and CO2 sample lines.
Does circuitGuard reduce storage space needed?
In a box containing 30 anesthesia circuits, we can ship 800 circuitGuards. Our box takes up less space. Shipping uses fossil fuels so there is an environmental benefit also.
Is there an environmental benefit to using circuitGuard?
Reducing the amount of plastics in our waste is important. Using circuitGuard reduces the number of circuits used per OR per day by up to 80% and significantly impacts the volume of waste generated daily. Reduced shipping costs reduces environmental stress as fewer fossil fuels are needed.