PneumoniaCheck™ FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PneumoniaCheck™ work?
PneumoniaCheck™ uses aerospace fluid mechanics to separate the liquid and solid contaminants in your mouth from the aerosols in your lungs.

How does PneumoniaCheck™ collect pathogens from the lungs?
The PneumoniaCheck™ utilizes a medical grade filter that has been tested and shown to capture over 99% of bacteria and viruses.
The Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and Viral Filtration Efficiency ratings are >99.939% and >99.856% respectively.

How is a PneumoniaCheck™ specimen analyzed?
The PneumoniaCheck™ filter can be analyzed by a commercial laboratory using a variety of methods. Analysis of the filter can include traditional culture and sensitivity, gram stain, immunoassay, and DNA (PCR) testing.

Has PneumoniaCheck™ been tested?
The device has been extensively tested to collect particles in aerosols on a high efficiency filter, exclude oral liquids and solids from the sample, and selectively separate lung aerosols. These validation tests have been peer-reviewed and published in the Journal of Medical Devices.
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Is PneumoniaCheck™ patented?
PneumoniaCheck™ is patent-pending. MD Innovate has licensed the intellectual property for worldwide sales.